Stekker.app B.V.The company behind Stekker. In case you're curious, https://stekker.app was our initial domain name, which currently redirects to https://stekker.com for most web pages.
StekkerThe software platform made by Stekker.app B.V. The server-side technology is hosted on the .app domain, which is why all API requests are done on stekker.app 😉
Stekker appThe mobile apps in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
CSMSCharging Station Management System, as used by the Open Charge Alliance. Also known as the Charge Point Operator backend software.
SCSPSmart Charging Service Provider
VARValue Added Reseller
RESTRepresentational state transfer. Includes GET, PUT, POST, PATCH, DELETE requests.
sessionA charging session for a BEV or PHEV. Stekker's main focus are supporting BEVs, but PHEVs can be charged smartly when there's a connection to the charger.
BEVBattery Electric Vehicle
PHEVPlug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
EVSEElectric Vehicle Supply Equipment